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Welcome to our new site. We will keep you updated on what the latest is going on with us at Flexible Fitness.


Ok, here we are getting closer to 2012; what are your goals? A better diet, starting to workout or even tweak the workout routine you do have? Whatever your fitness goal is for 2012, let us help and guide you to it. For all new clients, we are offering a once and only 20% off all of our services to help you start 2012 the way it should start. The right way. Not only will we guide you through but we will root you on all the way. So give us a call or text to (210)508-9840.

We have a Special offer of 20% off of all our training prices for the month of January. Call us to take advantage of this special offer.


We have male and female trainers to accommodate your comfort levels. Check out our website at www.flexfitsa.com.



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Inside Our Facility

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Below is a picture of the new and improved studio for training. We will be offering TRX classes for as low as $15/session. Also, we do personal training either 1 on 1 or small group training.


Call 508-9840 to get started today

Training Battle Ropes

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Flexible Fitness has brought training ropes into the studio. I you have never trained with them before, I suggest you start. Not only is it great for strength training, but it gets your heart rate high and helps you burn calories.
Call 508-9840 for more details

Until the end of May, Kathlee Roscoe will be hosting our new Flex Fit Classes for FREE! They are held Saturday’s, 10 a.m. at Lions Field at the corner of Mulberry and Broadway. Come on by and support Flexible Fitness and Kathlee. Don’t forget to check our new website at http://www.flexfitsa.com. Also, we are offering a introductory offer at our studio. Get 4 training sessions for $120.