think Thin

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Image via thinkproducts

I always looking for nutritious, yummy foods that will satisfy my cravings without the added guilt.  This week I indulged on one of my favorite snacks, a white chocolate chip think Thin bar.  It is so delectable, you’ll only think your being naughty by eating a candy bar, when instead its a high protein, low sugar supplement that will keep you full and energized until your next meal.  Plus, those of you who are allergic to gluten will be happy to know that it’s also gluten free.

They have other delicious variaties which include:

  • chunky peanut butter
  • creamy peanut butter
  • brownie crunch
  • chocolate fudge
  • dark chocolate
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • chocolate mudslide
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • tangerine cremesicle
  • lemon cream pie

If you would like to try it, go to their website and get a coupon for .50 off any one think Thin bar.


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